Friday, November 2, 2012

Bette Davis

    Bette Davis was an extraordinary talent. Few performers can match her range and achievements as a screen actress. Not beautiful in a conventional sense, she was able to transform herself and make audiences believe she was beautiful.

    When people hear the name, "Bette Davis", they usually get an image of a nervous, fidgety woman puffing on a cigarette and saying, "What a dump!"

    I remember her quieter moments, like in Dark Victory when she finds her medical file that says, "prognosis negative", in Jezebel when she nurses Preston, ill with fever, and in Now, Voyager when she comforts a very frightened Tina.

    Bette Davis -- Actress -- features in-depth plot synopses of some of my favorite BD flicks, rare BD photos & sound files, BD bio and facts, FREE BD downloads, a listing of her film and TV appearances and more.
                             THE BETTE DAVIS FOUNDATION

    Miss Davis' son, Mr. Michael Merrill, and Miss Davis' personal assistant and dear friend, Kathryn Sermak, are now the executors of her estate and have created The Bette Davis Foundation whereby they raise money to give a scholarship to an actor/actress, writer; it must be a student of the arts.

    They gave the first Bette Davis Lifetime Achievement Award to Meryl Streep in 1998 at Boston University. One of the students from Boston University was the first recipient of the scholarship.

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